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Types of T-shirts by Names: Categories for eCom Store

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Are you tired of adding same old categories that your competitors have on their store? Want to add some personality to your t shirt shopify store?

Look no further than these top 10 trending types of t-shirt category names that are sure to make a statement. From graphic tees to vintage-inspired designs, there's something for everyone. So, whether you're targeting the average indian joe or want to pitch it to style-loving shopper, here's a full guide. 

How to Define T-Shirt Names? 

T-shirts are a popular wardrobe staple among people of all ages and genders. They are comfortable, versatile and come in a variety of styles. One important aspect of t-shirts is the names they are given, which can indicate their style or purpose. In this article, we will explore the different types of t-shirt names that you may encounter.

  1. Graphic T-Shirts

Graphic t-shirts feature images or designs on the front or back of the shirt. These designs can range from simple logos to intricate illustrations and can be anything from sports team logos to pop culture references.

  1. Henley T-Shirts

Henley t-shirts have a button-down placket at the neckline, similar to that found on a polo shirt. They often have a more formal appearance than traditional crew-neck tees.

  1. Raglan T-Shirts

Raglan tees have sleeves that extend all the way up to the collar in one piece, rather than being separate pieces sewn onto the body of the shirt like traditional sleeves.

  1. V-Neck T-Shirts

V-neck t-shirts have a neckline that forms a "V" shape at its lowest point instead of being rounded like crew necks.

  1. Pocket T-Shirts

Pocket t-shirts feature an extra pocket on either side of your chest for small items such as pens or sunglasses.

These are just some examples of different types of t-shirt names you may come across when shopping for new clothes or browsing online stores!

Classic T-Shirt Names

When it comes to choosing a t-shirt, there are many different styles and designs to choose from. One popular option is the classic t-shirt, which has been a staple in fashion for decades. Classic t-shirts come in many different types, each with its own unique name and features.

One type of classic t-shirt is the crew neck. This style features a round neckline that sits at the base of the neck and is typically made from cotton or a cotton blend. Crew necks are versatile and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

Another type of classic t-shirt is the V-neck. As its name suggests, this style features a V-shaped neckline that adds visual interest to an outfit while still remaining simple and understated.

For those who prefer something more fitted, there's the slim fit tee. This style hugs the body closely without being too tight or restrictive, creating a streamlined silhouette.

If you're looking for something with a bit more personality, graphic tees are another popular option. These shirts feature bold designs or text that make them stand out from more basic styles.

Finally, there's also the pocket tee which as its name suggest comes with an additional pocket on one side of chest area adding both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

In conclusion, there are many different types of classic t-shirts available on today's market each designed to cater for various preferences such as comfortability,style,and functionality among others. By knowing all these options you can easily pick out what suits your needs best!

Graphic T-Shirt Names

Graphic T-Shirts have become a popular fashion statement in recent years. They offer a great way to express our individuality and showcase our personality through the designs and messages they convey. One aspect of graphic tees that often goes unnoticed is the names given to them. These names can be just as creative and unique as the designs themselves.

Here are some of the most common types of Graphic T-Shirt Names:

1. Punny Names

Punny Names are those that use wordplay or clever puns to create a catchy name for the tee. Examples include "Taco 'bout Awesome" or "I'm Not Arguing, I'm Just Explaining Why I'm Right." These names add an extra layer of humor to already funny designs.

2. Pop Culture References

It's no secret that pop culture has a significant influence on fashion, especially when it comes to graphic tees. Many t-shirts borrow references from movies, TV shows, music, or even memes to create their names. Examples include "The Upside Down" (Stranger Things), "Winter is Coming" (Game of Thrones), or "I Can Haz Cheeseburger?" (Internet meme).

3. Statement Names

Statement Names are straightforward and convey their message clearly without any ambiguity; they often reflect social issues or sentiments we feel strongly about as individuals such as feminism, mental health awareness etc.. Examples include “Nevertheless She Persisted”, “Speak Up”, “Mental Health Matters”.

4. Branding Names

Branding Names are those used by companies who want their logo/name prominently displayed on apparel for advertising purposes such as Nike's iconic swoosh logo.

In conclusion, Graphic T-Shirt naming conventions can be creative and diverse with each type having its own unique style associated with it making shopping for t-shirts even more fun!

Vintage T-Shirt Names

When it comes to vintage t-shirts, the names can be just as important as the design. Here are some of the most popular types of t-shirt names that you might come across:

Band T-Shirts

Band t-shirts are a classic type of vintage tee. They feature designs from famous bands and musicians, ranging from classic rock acts like Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd to more modern groups like Nirvana and Radiohead.

Sports T-Shirts

Sports team t-shirts are another popular type of vintage tee. These shirts often feature team logos or iconic moments in sports history. Whether you're a fan of football, basketball, baseball or hockey, there's likely a vintage sports tee out there for you.

Cartoon T-Shirts

Cartoon-themed t-shirts can also be considered classic vintage tees. Designs featuring characters from beloved shows like The Simpsons, Looney Tunes and Spongebob Squarepants have become iconic in their own right.

Brand Logo T-Shirts

Tees featuring brand logos have also become popular over time. Brands such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi and Nike all have their own unique designs that have stood the test of time.

Movie/TV Show T-Shirts

Finally, movie and TV show themed tees have become increasingly popular in recent years thanks to the rise in popularity of pop culture fandoms. From Star Wars to Stranger Things, there's likely a vintage tee out there for fans of every genre.

No matter what your personal style is or what kind of statement you want to make with your clothing choices - whether it's showing off your favorite band or displaying your love for a certain sport - there is sure to be a perfect vintage t-shirt name out there waiting for you!

Funny T-Shirt Names

Are you tired of wearing plain and boring t-shirts? Well, why not add some humor to your wardrobe with funny t-shirt names! Here are some types of t-shirt names that will surely make you laugh:

  1. Pun-based Names: These types of t-shirts often use wordplay and puns to create a clever name. For example, "I'm a fungi" with a picture of a mushroom or "I'm soy into you" with an image of soy sauce.

  2. Pop Culture References: T-shirts based on popular movies, TV shows or celebrities are always in fashion. From "May the Fork be With You" for Star Wars fans to "That's What She Said" from The Office, these types of shirts never fail to get attention.

  3. Sarcasm at its Best: Sarcasm is an art form and what better way to express it than through your clothing? T-shirts like "Sarcastic Comment Loading…" or "I'm not arguing, I'm just explaining why I am right" are perfect examples.

  4. Funny Graphic Designs: Sometimes all it takes is a funny graphic design on your tee shirt to lighten up the mood such as “Holy Guacamole” with an avocado illustration or “Talk Nerdy To Me” written in binary code.

  5. Novelty Names: These type of shirts have catchy phrases that grab attention such as “This Is My Human Costume I’m Really A [Insert Animal]”, they can also be customized according to specific events such as bachelorette parties where tees could say “Bride Squad”.

In conclusion, there are many different types of funny t-shirt names out there for everyone’s liking! So next time you're looking for something unique and quirky for your wardrobe try one out!

Music Band T-Shirt Names

Music bands have always been a significant influence on the fashion industry. Music band t-shirts have become a popular trend among music lovers, and countless designs and styles are available in the market. Here are some of the different types of music band t-shirt names that you can consider:

  1. Tour T-Shirts: These t-shirts are sold during tours and concerts of specific bands or artists. They usually feature tour dates, cities, and venues on the back while displaying an image or logo on the front.

  2. Album Art T-Shirts: These t-shirts showcase album artwork from your favorite bands or artists.

  3. Band Member Name T-Shirts: These shirts feature individual member names from a particular band.

  4. Logo T-Shirts: Logo tees display only the logo design of a particular artist or group prominently across the chest area.

  5. Song Lyric T-Shirts: Fans can show off their favorite song lyrics by wearing them on their shirts as well.

  6. Vintage Concert Tees: Vintage concert tees come from previous tours and concerts that took place years ago, making them collector's items for die-hard fans.

  7. Mashup Tees: Mashup tees combine two different music acts into one unique design to create an exclusive piece for fans who love both artists equally.

In conclusion, there is no shortage of options when it comes to choosing a music band t-shirt name that fits your style perfectly! From classic tour shirts to modern mashups - there is something out there for everyone!

Sports Team T-Shirt Names

When it comes to sports team t-shirts, the names on the back are just as important as the logos on the front. These names not only represent individual players but also serve as a way for fans to show support for their favorite athletes.

Here are some of the most common types of t-shirt names you'll find on sports teams:

  1. Surnames: This is perhaps the most traditional type of name seen on sports jerseys. It's simple and straightforward, featuring only a player's last name in bold letters across their shoulders.

  2. Nicknames: Some players are known more by their nicknames than their actual names, making this type of t-shirt name popular among fans. These can range from humorous monikers like "The Greek Freak" (Giannis Antetokounmpo) to more serious ones like "Mamba" (Kobe Bryant).

  3. Team Names: For some teams, it's all about representing where they come from or what they stand for. In these cases, you might see city or state names emblazoned across players' backs instead of individual names.

  4. Personal Messages: Finally, some athletes choose to personalize their jerseys with messages that mean something special to them - whether it's a tribute to a loved one or an inspirational quote.

No matter which type of t-shirt name your favorite team uses, wearing one is sure to make you feel closer to your team and its players.

Inspirational Quote T-Shirt Names

T-shirts are a popular clothing item that can be found in almost every wardrobe. They are comfortable, versatile and can be styled in many ways. T-shirts with inspirational quotes have become increasingly popular in recent years, as people seek to express themselves through their clothing choices. Here are some types of t-shirt names that you may find inspiring:

  1. Motivational Quotes: T-shirts with motivational quotes inspire us to push ourselves beyond our limits and achieve our goals. These shirts often feature phrases like "Never give up" or "Believe in yourself".

  2. Funny Sayings: T-shirts with funny sayings add a touch of humor to your wardrobe and make for great conversation starters.

  3. Inspirational Figures: Shirts featuring inspirational figures such as Nelson Mandela or Martin Luther King Jr., serve as reminders of the impact these individuals had on society.

  4. Pop Culture References: T-shirts referencing pop culture icons like Harry Potter or Star Wars allow us to express our fandoms and connect with others who share similar interests.

  5. Personalized Names/Slogans: Customized t-shirts featuring your name or a personal slogan allow you to express yourself uniquely and create a sense of identity.

In conclusion, there are various types of t-shirt names that can inspire us, make us laugh, remind us of important historical figures or simply reflect our personalities through personalized slogans/names. Whatever type you choose, wearing an inspirational quote t-shirt is an excellent way to showcase your individuality while making a statement about what matters most to you!

Retro Style Logo and Brand Name on a t-shirt

Retro Style Logo and Brand Name on a T-Shirt

When it comes to selecting the perfect t-shirt, there are different types of names that you should be aware of. One popular type is the retro style logo and brand name on a t-shirt.

This type of t-shirt features logos and brand names from past eras, typically from the 60s, 70s, or 80s. These designs often feature bold colors, funky fonts, and unique graphics that make them stand out.

One advantage of wearing a retro style logo and brand name t-shirt is that it can add an element of nostalgia to your outfit. It can also serve as a conversation starter as people may recognize the logo or brand from their own childhood memories.

Furthermore, these types of t-shirts are versatile in terms of styling options. They can be dressed up with tailored pants or dressed down with jeans or shorts for a more casual look.

Overall, if you're looking for a unique way to express your personal style while paying homage to past eras at the same time, consider adding some retro style logo and brand name tees to your wardrobe collection.


In conclusion, there are a variety of types of t-shirts available in the market that cater to different styles and preferences. From classic crew necks to trendy crop tops, each style has its own unique characteristics and target audience.

The basic t-shirt is a versatile option that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. V-neck tees offer a more flattering neckline for those who want to show off their collarbones. Henley shirts add a touch of sophistication with their partial button-up design.

For those who prefer more casual styles, raglan tees provide a sporty look while tank tops are perfect for hot summer days. Crop tops have become increasingly popular in recent years and come in various lengths from midriff-baring to just above the waistline.

Graphic tees allow individuals to express their personality through bold designs and slogans. Band tees are perfect for music fans while vintage-inspired prints appeal to those with an appreciation for retro fashion.

Ultimately, choosing the right type of t-shirt depends on personal preference and individual style. With so many options available, everyone can find the perfect tee that suits them best.